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News about the classes

Teaser classes
Upcoming pole dance teaser classes in Zurich (for beginners):
  • Mon 20-Jun-2016, 20:00 (teaser already full) for a class on the same weekday and at the same time (teaser already full)
We try to offer a separate teaser class every month. It is still possible to have a teaser class with a paricipation to a regular class.
In case of interest: Registration through the general form.

New Classes / Free spaces
  • New pole class for beginners each Monday 20:00
    ⇒ start date not yet defined. The next teaser will be on 20-June 2016 (teaser already full).
  • New pole class for beginners each Tuesday 20:00
    ⇒ start date not yet defined. The next teaser not deefined.
  • Pole class for intermediate each Monday 18:15
    ⇒ ideal class for pole dancers with experience, there are spots available.

Events with Mystique Pole Dance - Zurich

Opening party for the new studio in Baar
The studio in Baar is already openn since December. However, as everything came at the same time ... and with a blink of an eye it was Christmas.
But we don't want to go on without a party. On Saturday 28-Feb-2015 from 14:00 to 18:00 we celebrated the new studiowith a party. There were shows by the instructors and also by Pikun, also from other students from Zurich, and addtionally from Crystal Belcher as a special guest.

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